1262 Free Eldorado Icons

1262 Eldorado Icons for Free?

Believe it or not, all 1262 of these icons are absolutely free! I can’t describe how awesome that is. If you are looking for a huge, consistent set of icons, then this set by Icojam for you. From food, to transportation to buildings, this set has just about anything that you’ll ever need. These Free Eldorado icons are 40px x 40px and they are in PNG format. They won’t have any pesky backgrounds or anything to remove, as their backgrounds are already transparent. They are ready to use right after downloading. You can preview this massive set of free Eldorado icons below.


Free Eldorado Icons food

Created in a flat design style these food icons, range from fruit to fast food and even wine & beverages.

Free Eldorado Icons layout

If you are creating your own app, or you want to show different layout options, this icon set is the key. With a ton of different layout options, this icon set looks great. You’ll find crop icons, sharing, text alignment and much more.

Free Eldorado Icons work

With all kinds of icons for work and business, these icons are great for the office. With calendars, paperclips and time-related icons, these work icons work well together.

Free Eldorado Icons weather

Thinking about creating your own weather app? Here is a complete set of weather icons. I especially love the tornado and flood icons.

Free Eldorado Icons user

With icons dedicated to users, this set is great for the user or profile section of any app.

Free Eldorado Icons transport

If you’re creating an app for travel, these icons would be a great choice. Simple in nature, but easy to identify, these transportation icons have a great look to them.

Free Eldorado Icons symbols

Need some basic symbols? These icons are a great choice. I like the badge, the magnet and the power buttons the most from this set.

Free Eldorado Icons player

Great for media players, these icons make any user interface intuitive and easy to use. A lot of these icons are typical, and will be found in any mobile app.

Free Eldorado Icons navigation

Need to find your way around? If you’re creating signage, these icons would be great for helping people to find their way around.

Free Eldorado Icons multimedia

These multimedia icons are great! From movies to music or audio, these icons will let you know what type of media to expect. There are also a couple of other icons in there, like the ones for battery life and zooming in and out.

Free Eldorado Icons mobile

This set has a range of different icons for mobile devices, like the ones you’d find for sharing to the cloud or finding places on a mobile app.

Free Eldorado Icons medicine

This icon set is all about health and medicine. you’ll love this set for any medical app or website.

Free Eldorado Icons finance

Need finance icons? This set has you covered with icons for graphs, currency ad general finance.

Free Eldorado Icons education

Geared towards education, this icon set is great for anything to do with learning.


This is a complete icon set for file formats, which is a great way to visually inform someone of what file format an item is.


This set represents all typical devices. From phones, to disks, to cameras and microphones, this set has it all.


This set has a wide variety of buildings. From factories to highrise buildings, this set represents a wide range of buildings.

Download the Massive Set of Eldorado Icons

Want this awesome set of 1262 free Eldorado icons? Icojam will give you the PNG files for free. All you have to do is click the download link below to be taken to their download page. They are available for free in PNG format only, but if you want the vector files, you can buy those.

Download Free Eldorado Icons

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