Fukasawa Free WordPress Theme

Fukasawa Free WordPress Theme

This week’s free WordPress theme is the Fukasawa Free WordPress Theme and it looks fantastic. It is designed with elegance in mind. This would be great for an art curation website. Want to showcase some beautiful artwork? The Fukasawa Free WordPress Theme has you covered. You’ll also love how slick the site looks, as well as how quickly it loads. Take a look at the screenshot of the Fukasawa Free WordPress Theme below.

Fukasawa free WordPress theme

The Fukasawa Free WordPress Theme supports different post types, such as image galleries and videos. You can click a small button and the video will go full screen. The site is simple and elegant. Milton Glasier’s phrase “Just enough is more” certainly applies here. The masonry layout ensures that the content fills the screen, so you don’t have any blank spaces. The simple white border around images is a nice way to frame them.

What I really like about the theme is that you can show the excerpt on the home page for each post, or you can just display the picture. This makes it more enticing for visitors to click and explore the site. Also, at the bottom of each post, there is a previous and next post button to make it easy for visitors to navigate through. I’m also a big fan of the left navigation menu. You can add widgets on the left side. it leaves more room for the content on the right side of the site. You can upload your own log, and you can also choose your own accent colors.

The Fukasawa Free WordPress Theme is a great WordPress theme for a simple and elegant website. if you want your images and posts to really take center stage, this theme is what you’re looking for. To download the Fukasawa Free WordPress Theme, click the link below, or you can also view the live demo.

Demo | Download

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