Giveaway: Designers Treasure Chest

Designer’s Treasure Chest

Check out this collection of  80.000 Gradients+15.000 FREE Layer Styles. Adding a touch of color gradients to your backgrounds, buttons, logos, and artwork can be great time-saver and help you add a modern touch to your web designed projects.
VectorFantasy offers you a unique collection of colorful Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator  gradients. These gradients can be used in Photoshop with different options : Linear, Radial, Angle, Reflected and Diamond.

For a limited time, get “Designers Treasure Chest ” contains 50000 Photoshop Gradients + 30000 Gradients Swatches Ai  for just $100 .
Buying this awesome pack , you’ll get for FREE  “ 15000 Free Photoshop Layer Styles”, normally priced at $50!



The following  gradient packs are included:

“50000 Photoshop Gradients Mega Pack.”

gradients Designers Treasure Chest


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