Meroo free Icons (110 in Total)

Meroo: 110 free Icons

Every now and then, I stumble onto something on the web and can’t help but saying “wow!” when I find something as awesome as today’s free icons. I found 110 Meroo free icons. They are designed in a flat design style, and they all look great. They are all clean, well designed, and they are pixel-perfect. There is such a wide variety of icons here, you’ll easily be able to find what you are looking for. These free icons were created by Hesham Mohamed and are free for personal or commercial projects. Each one of these were created in Photoshop as vector shapes, so they are scalable, and will work in many different types of designs. You can preview all 110 Meroo free icons below. You will find instructions for downloading these icons at the bottom of this page.

Meroo Free Icons 2

I really like this set as a whole. There are currency icons, a camera icon for photography and a popcorn icon, which would be great for a movie app or a website about movies.

Meroo Free Icons 3

From brains, to fire or fast food, these free icons are a varied selection of goodies.

Meroo Free Icons 4

I love the telescope and rocket icons, and the trophy icon would be great for an achievement on a website. There’s also a movie projector, which is great, too.

Meroo Free Icons 5

I love the simple details that you will find in these icons, such as the trash sticking out of the can in the bottom right. The graph and wallet icons are great, too.

Meroo Free Icons 6

From paint, to a gaming controller, you can represent a myriad of different activities with these free icons.

Meroo Free Icons 7

The clipboard, food and coffee are my favorites in this set. The food would be great for a restaurant site.

Meroo Free Icons 8

There are all kinds of icons in this set for data and settings. The shopping bag is great for a map app or something similar.

Meroo Free Icons 9 Meroo Free Icons 10 Meroo Free Icons 11 Meroo Free Icons 12 Meroo Free Icons 13

Download the 110 Merro Free Icons

You can download these free icons and use them in your personal and commercial work. All you have to do is go to Hesham Mohamed’s behance page and the download link is there. Be sure to like his page and show him your appreciation for making such an awesome set of free icons.

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