Website Monitoring Services

Website Monitoring Services

So you run a website for your business, and you’ve grown enough to make money in your sleep. That’s great! However, depending on the Web Hosting you have, your site can go down without your knowledge. It’s important to be aware of any issues that are happening with your website. The problem is that you can’t be there to check it 24/7. So what do you do? Do you schedule regular intervals throughout the day to check your site? No one has time for that. The answer comes from website monitoring services. Let’s take a look at a few website monitoring services and what they can do for you.

What are Website Monitoring Services?

A website monitoring service is a site that you sign up for, which checks your site periodically, to see if ay issues were encountered. It looks for things like DNS errors, timeout errors, and any other abnormalities that can cause a site to go down. The best part is that it is automated, so the second your site goes down, a website monitoring service will email you, letting you know it has encountered issues with your website. Even if it went down and came back up overnight, you’ll know about it, so you can check on any possible issues and stay ahead of them.

There are Many Website Monitoring Services

There are many website monitoring services available on the web. Choosing the right one for you just depends on your needs. If you’re looking for a free service, there are tons available that will let you know when your website is down. If you want more features than this, you will have to go with a premium service. Below is a list of website monitoring services that you can try.

Free Web Monitoring

Web Monitoring Services: Free Web Monitoring

I have used free web monitoring for a few years now. When I hosted my websites with Go Daddy, free web monitoring told me all the times that my site went down. After being extremely forgiving, free web monitoring helped me to keep track of all of the times Go Daddy let my site go down. It really opened my eyes to how poor their service is, and helped motivate me to find a better service, which is BlueHost. What I like about Free Web Monitoring is that they also tell you how long your site has been down, right down to the last minute.


Web Monitoring Services: Site 24x7

Site24x7 will monitor up to two websites for free. They are paid subscription allows you to have more in-depth analysis and levels of monitoring.


Web Monitoring Services: Free Site Status

Free Site Status is a little bit different from the other website monitoring services. While others check your site every hour and half hour, they use multiple servers to check your website every single minute. This is great monitoring, especially if you’re a fanatic about your website and its uptime.


Web Monitoring Services: Montastic

Montastic is a great website monitoring service if you have a lot of URLs to monitor. They will check your sites every 10 minutes, and you can have up to 100 URLs. This is great if you’re like me, and you keep track of multiple sites at once. It’s nice to have all of your information in one place.


Web Monitoring Services: Internet Seer

InternetSeer will look after your website and let you know if it has been down within the past hour. You tend to be a little limited to what you can do with the free plan, but the premium plans give you a lot more options. They really want you to try before you buy.

Conclusion: Website Monitoring Services

I’m not delusional in the idea that I think your website should never ever go down. In an ideal world this may be so, but in the real world it’s impossible for your site to be up 24/7 over the course of years. Your site is bound to go down, even if it is briefly. There is a reasonable amount of time that your site will go down. This may be just a minute or two if the server experiences a pickup or a glitch. However, if you build your sites well and they are still going down, you may need to take a look at your hosting provider. Like I mentioned before, I hosted my main website with Go Daddy, and it was down constantly. I didn’t realize how much it really went down until I used a website monitoring service to keep track of it for me. Every minute your site is down, you’re losing money, it’s hurting your reputation, and you are losing out on valuable relationships for your business. It only makes sense to try one of these free services to make sure your site is up as much as it should be. Not to sound corny, or rip off G.I. Joe’s, but knowing is half the battle.

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